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Cynamed Disposable Scalpels with Graduated Plastic Handle – Surgical Stainless Steel Tool – Box of 10


REDUCES RISK - Made using premium grade stainless steel, disposable scalpels are a better alternative than replaceable surgical blades that are fitted on a reusable handle. The metal on these blades dull quickly, so they have to be changed frequently as well. There is an inherent risk involved in handling a sharp blade during replacement even if an additional tool is used to hold the blade, instead of bare hands. The blade can snap and fly across the room if too much force is applied, endangering everyone in the immediate vicinity. Dangers of occupational illnesses arising from cross-infection caused through injuries sustained during the removal of blades from handles are reduced as well.

SAVE TIME - Traditional scalpels need to be run through an autoclave for sterilization after each use. With disposable scalpels, you don’t have to sterilize as they are meant for one-time use only. There is no requirement for rigorous checks in place to ensure re-sterilization.

VERSATILE - There are plenty of medically-related fields where disposable scalpel and blade uses prove to be beneficial. Bio-specimen processing labs, medical examiner and coroner offices, research and development facilities, and veterinary research labs are just a few. It can be used for lab experiments and crafting projects too.

CONVENIENT  - While carrying out the surgery with disposable scalpels, a surgeon can have an approximate measurement of the cut made by them with the help of the graduated scale on the handle during or after the completion of the surgery. This aspect helps to improve accuracy.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - It is imperative that your hands remain steady while handling a scalpel – any fumbling or shaking pose a serious threat to the patient you are operating on. This lightweight scalpel (disposable) comes with a sturdy plastic handle that provides a comfy yet solid grip, so you have full control while holding it. Thus there is no chance of slipping – a must for error-free surgical procedures!

EXCELLENT SHARPNESS - The surgical scalpel has an ultra-sharp blade for making clean, crisp cuts. It can remove calluses and skin tags and perform complex dissections securely. This tool comes in handy during dermaplaning and other cosmetic procedures too.

CAREFULLY STERILIZED - The scalpels and blades are painstakingly sterilized using gamma radiation – you can simply unpack the box and begin using them.