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Cynamed 2-in-1 Ear Scope Set – Multi-Function Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope Set for Ear, Nose and Eye Examination- Professional Kit for Medical Students – Sight Chart, Replacement Tips, and Carry Case

ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS - Examine the ear canal, nasal passage, mouth cavity, and eye in detail – only when you know the cause of trouble can you prescribe a possible solution. The doctor’s ear scope uses fiber optics technology to direct the light in such a manner that luminance is crystal clear, and your view is unobstructed. You can enhance using the 3X magnification feature. The ophthalmoscope comes with a top-of-the-line visor, along with bright LED illumination and corrector dial lens, so you can make proper adjustments when required. Moreover, the diagnosis is pretty quick – use the scope to look in ear, nose, throat, or eye – all it takes is a few minutes to understand why the patient feels pain or discomfort. PORTABLE OTOSCOPE - The device is extremely lightweight, so you can take it along with you wherever you go, but it comes with a compact carrying case as well. Just tuck it in your bag, and you are good to go! SPARE PARTS - Even the best otoscopes require minor repairs after repeated use as the components experience considerable wear. So what to do if the device isn’t functioning as it should? Don’t fret – replacement parts like otoscope tips and extra LEDs are included with the package. IDEAL FOR TRAINING - If you are training to handle medical equipment (otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes), you have to know how to operate this device. Rest assured, a comprehensive instruction manual is provided so you can learn how to use this oto ophthalmoscope without any hassle. It is apt for EMT students, medical students, nurse students, PA students, CNA students, and RNA students. STURDY - This ear light scope is made using premium grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic – it is durable and long-lasting. SOLID GRIP - The device handle ensures a firm grip thanks to its ergonomic design, so it doesn’t slip from your hands while conducting an examination. STEADY - Isn’t it inconvenient if the ear scope keeps moving or shaking when you are peering down the ear canal? The advanced bayonet locking system ensures the device is steady and won’t move.

Cynamed 2-in-1 Ear Scope Set – Portable Fiber Optic Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope Set for Eye, Nose and Ear Diagnostic Kit – Examination Training Accessories with Instructions, Snellen Chart


TOP QUALITY - Made with premium-grade, BPA-free plastic, and tough stainless steel, this doctor's ear scope is durable and long-lasting.

APT FOR TRAINING PURPOSE - It is ideal for EMT students, medical students, nurse students, PA students, CNA students, and RNA students. Before you become seasoned professionals, you need to master the usage of the ear checking scope. This 2-in-1 diagnostic kit allows you to carefully examine the ears, eyes, and mouth cavity.

FIBER OPTICS & 3X MAGNIFICATION - Correct diagnosis is possible only when you can examine efficiently and with stellar accuracy. Using fiber-optic technology, this ear, nose, and throat scope allows you to check the nasal passage, mouth cavity, and ear canal. The fiber optic filaments direct the light in such a way that you get a clear view due to proper luminance. Using 3X magnification, you can utilize the ophthalmoscope to check the eyes with precision and locate the root cause of the trouble.

FAST DIAGNOSIS - As mentioned, how can you prescribe the correct treatment if you don’t know what is causing the problem? To understand the patient’s condition, you need a scope to look in the ear, nose, throat, or eyes. This kit contains an ear nose scope (and eye scope), which is capable of intense magnification – it lets you see clearly through the premium visor. The diagnosis is really quick, as it takes just a few minutes!

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The device handle is ergonomically structured, so you get a solid grip, and it doesn’t slip from your hands while conducting examinations.

PORTABLE OTOSCOPE - The 2-in-1 ear scope set is lightweight, so it can be easily carried everywhere as it occupies little space. A handy carrying case is provided for this purpose.


Cynamed Disposable Scalpels with Graduated Plastic Handle – Surgical Stainless Steel Tool – Box of 10


REDUCES RISK - Made using premium grade stainless steel, disposable scalpels are a better alternative than replaceable surgical blades that are fitted on a reusable handle. The metal on these blades dull quickly, so they have to be changed frequently as well. There is an inherent risk involved in handling a sharp blade during replacement even if an additional tool is used to hold the blade, instead of bare hands. The blade can snap and fly across the room if too much force is applied, endangering everyone in the immediate vicinity. Dangers of occupational illnesses arising from cross-infection caused through injuries sustained during the removal of blades from handles are reduced as well.

SAVE TIME - Traditional scalpels need to be run through an autoclave for sterilization after each use. With disposable scalpels, you don’t have to sterilize as they are meant for one-time use only. There is no requirement for rigorous checks in place to ensure re-sterilization.

VERSATILE - There are plenty of medically-related fields where disposable scalpel and blade uses prove to be beneficial. Bio-specimen processing labs, medical examiner and coroner offices, research and development facilities, and veterinary research labs are just a few. It can be used for lab experiments and crafting projects too.

CONVENIENT  - While carrying out the surgery with disposable scalpels, a surgeon can have an approximate measurement of the cut made by them with the help of the graduated scale on the handle during or after the completion of the surgery. This aspect helps to improve accuracy.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - It is imperative that your hands remain steady while handling a scalpel – any fumbling or shaking pose a serious threat to the patient you are operating on. This lightweight scalpel (disposable) comes with a sturdy plastic handle that provides a comfy yet solid grip, so you have full control while holding it. Thus there is no chance of slipping – a must for error-free surgical procedures!

EXCELLENT SHARPNESS - The surgical scalpel has an ultra-sharp blade for making clean, crisp cuts. It can remove calluses and skin tags and perform complex dissections securely. This tool comes in handy during dermaplaning and other cosmetic procedures too.

CAREFULLY STERILIZED - The scalpels and blades are painstakingly sterilized using gamma radiation – you can simply unpack the box and begin using them.


Cynamed ENT Diagnostic Kit – Ear, Nose and Throat Exam Kit with Leather Case


BUILD TO LAST - The medical equipment (otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes) are durable and long-lasting. The heads of the tools are mounted onto a sturdy plastic and chrome handle that can withstand considerable wear and impact. It is ideal for both medical professionals and students undergoing training.

ALL INCLUSIVE - Whether you are looking for the best otoscopes or best ophthalmoscopes, you will find both in this compact device. The set includes an otoscope, head lens with wheels, earwax removal tool, nasal dilator, specula, and mirror attachments, as well as replacement LED lights and tips.

EXTREMELY STEADY - It is imperative that the oto ophthalmoscope is held properly while conducting examinations, so it doesn’t move. This device comes with a sturdy chrome base and bayonet locking system that ensures it is steady, and there is zero movements, thus allowing the examination to be conducted safely.

EYE EXAMINATION - This otoscope and ophthalmoscope have a movable lens and lens selector disc for optimal adjustments during eye examinations, along with LED illumination that perfectly directs light through the visor.

NASAL EXAMINATION - The ear-nose-throat scope comes with a nasal dilator, which is a special attachment with bayonet locking that can be mounted at the base – it lets you check the nasal passage for signs of blockage, bleeding, infection, etc. Use the screw on top to modify the expansion as per convenience.

EAR EXAMINATION - The scope to look in the ear can be used along with the illuminator – it lets you examine the ear canal in detail to find signs of infection. The illuminator has a mirror and spatula attachment that makes your job easier. The earwax remover has an anodized metal red handle with chrome thread and LED light for excellent visibility and full control.

PORTABLE OTOSCOPE - Take your eye & ear checking scope along with you while traveling. This premium carrying case lets you store all instruments safely in one place.


Cynamed First Responder Medical Tool Kit

$34.99 $24.99

ALL-INCLUSIVE TACTICAL EMT BAG - This first responder medical tool kit comes with a pair of bandage scissors, EMT shears, tweezers, a hemostat, a debris remover, a pupil light, and a pouch. This EMT go-bag lets you administer first aid in high tension situations and emergencies, as it comes with a complete set of essentials – everything you need is right in front of you!

EASY TO WEAR TRAUMA BAG - This tactical first aid kit has a handy medical first responder pouch that you can wear across your body. Since you need quick access to this EMT bag with supplies (you can’t waste a moment when someone needs prompt medical attention), it has a flap closure with a Velcro attachment, allowing you to open and close the EMT equipment bag swiftly. It is made of woven nylon that is washable and easy to clean. The pouch is fitted with a hook-and-loop attachment that ensures smooth wearing and removal without the need to take off your belt. It has large pockets for shears and forceps, along with side tool pockets as well.

DURABLE - You can’t have medical instruments in your first responder bag that are of poor quality as it means danger for the patient. The first responder trauma kit comes with premium-grade medical instruments made of hardened stainless steel resistant to stains, rust, and corrosion, so they last longer.

DUAL-END EYE MAGNET - Made with top quality stainless steel, this first aid bag has a two-sided magnetic debris remover for delicate areas like the eyes. It comes with a powerful eye magnet for drawing our metallic particles, while a nylon loop is used for removing non-metallic debris.

BANDAGE SHEARS - A tactical first aid kit must contain a pair of bandage shears – they are extremely useful for cutting through any material such as clothing, car seats, tape, and so on. They have serrated blades and a blunt edge to ensure clean, crisp cuts while maintaining safety.


Cynamed Mayo Dissecting Scissors with Tungsten Carbide Inserts – Long, Thick Precision Shears


Tungsten carbide (TC) jaw inserts allow for maximized and long lasting dissection experience. Gold-ring handles for beauty, aesthetics and identification of a TC instrument.

Thick, blunt, precision blades for power shearing tissue, dressings, and other dense materials .

Comfortable handle for user control and stability.

Made from German grade forging and stainless steel.

Autoclavable and corrosion-resistant.

Tip configuration: Straight or Curved

Available lengths: 5.5 in. (13.97 cm) or 6.75 in. (17.14 cm)


Manufactured from German-equivalent stainless steel. Premium quality stainless steel with superior craftsmanship. Product conforms to ISO 9001, CE-Quality mark, ISO 13485, FDA and other quality standards.


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