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Cynamed 2-in-1 Ear Scope Set – Portable Fiber Optic Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope Set for Eye, Nose and Ear Diagnostic Kit – Examination Training Accessories with Instructions, Snellen Chart


TOP QUALITY - Made with premium-grade, BPA-free plastic, and tough stainless steel, this doctor's ear scope is durable and long-lasting.

APT FOR TRAINING PURPOSE - It is ideal for EMT students, medical students, nurse students, PA students, CNA students, and RNA students. Before you become seasoned professionals, you need to master the usage of the ear checking scope. This 2-in-1 diagnostic kit allows you to carefully examine the ears, eyes, and mouth cavity.

FIBER OPTICS & 3X MAGNIFICATION - Correct diagnosis is possible only when you can examine efficiently and with stellar accuracy. Using fiber-optic technology, this ear, nose, and throat scope allows you to check the nasal passage, mouth cavity, and ear canal. The fiber optic filaments direct the light in such a way that you get a clear view due to proper luminance. Using 3X magnification, you can utilize the ophthalmoscope to check the eyes with precision and locate the root cause of the trouble.

FAST DIAGNOSIS - As mentioned, how can you prescribe the correct treatment if you don’t know what is causing the problem? To understand the patient’s condition, you need a scope to look in the ear, nose, throat, or eyes. This kit contains an ear nose scope (and eye scope), which is capable of intense magnification – it lets you see clearly through the premium visor. The diagnosis is really quick, as it takes just a few minutes!

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The device handle is ergonomically structured, so you get a solid grip, and it doesn’t slip from your hands while conducting examinations.

PORTABLE OTOSCOPE - The 2-in-1 ear scope set is lightweight, so it can be easily carried everywhere as it occupies little space. A handy carrying case is provided for this purpose.


Cynamed Trauma Bandage Shears – Safety Medical Scissors with Blunt Tip and Serrated Blade – Tough and Durable Stainless Steel – Light and Comfortable Grip – Patient-Friendly (Cynamed Green)


DEAL WITH EMERGENCIES - When you are thrown into a high tension situation, there is no time to think – you have to act immediately as a few seconds of delay could mean more danger for the person requiring medical attention. Good trauma shears in your first aid kit mean you won’t be thrown off guard!

100% SAFE - These medical utility shears are safe to use as they have serrated blades and a blunt rounded tip – the former cuts through almost anything due to its sturdy yet smooth pivot action. Simultaneously, the latter ensures these bandage scissors don’t cut skin, even when you are slicing through clothing in a rush.

TACTICAL DESIGN - These bandage shears are made with premium-grade stainless steel with high-impact handles made to last for years. The blades with milled serrations can cut through the toughest of material. These scissors have a bend at the handle, allowing the blade to grip the work table or the next layer of material. Since the pair is made with the best stainless steel quality, it is resistant to rust or corrosion.

SOLID HOLD - While handling trauma shears, the last thing you want is a painful and uncomfortable grip. It can lead to slipping of the scissors from your hands, causing cuts and injuries and might be fatal to the patient. These scissors are lightweight and ergonomically designed in order to provide a steady, non-slip grip. The plastic grips with large finger openings are specially created to stand up to rough treatment and autoclave temperatures, setting these EMT trauma scissors apart from all disposable shears.

VERSATILE - Whether you are a medical professional, in the military, or a thrill-seeker who enjoys outdoor adventures, you need the best bandage scissors when it comes to cutting bandages off to ensure a comfortable experience or removing clothing to treat wounds. With the ability to cut through a variety of challenging materials, these tough and handy shears can be used for multiple applications.


Cynamed Trauma Shears – Safety Medical Scissors with Blunt Tip and Serrated Blade – Tough and Durable Stainless Steel – Light and Comfortable Grip – Hospital, Nurse, EMT Tool


USEFUL FOR ALL - Whether you are a nurse, EMT, doctor, paramedic, or in the military, you are likely to have a first aid kit handy. It is incomplete without a pair of tactical trauma shears, which you might need at any time, as you have to rise to the occasion. Even adventure enthusiasts should have a couple of heavy-duty trauma shears with them.

TOP QUALITY - EMS trauma shears have to be of the best quality as you can’t compromise when dealing with someone who needs medical attention. Moreover, the cut has to be neat and sharp, which is why these black trauma shears are made with the sturdiest fluoride-coated stainless steel. The extraordinary craftsmanship ensures this pair is durable and won’t get rusted or corroded easily.

ALWAYS BE PREPARED - Need a clean, crisp cut in a hurry? Trauma shears are just what you need! These medical utility shears ensure you are prepared to handle any situation without panicking. They are the ideal addition to your first aid kit.

SAFE FOR USE - These trauma scissors have serrated blades that can cut through almost anything- they have a smooth pivot and can work well for DIY projects too. For instance, they can be used to cut the onesie bodysuit off your newborn after his diaper explodes in the car seat when he is 5 days old and too young to bathe. Instead of trying to pull a soiled outfit over his head cleanly, it is best to cut off the onesie and then put on a new one! The blunt rounded tip on these safety shears ensures it doesn’t cut skin, even in a highly tense emergency situation. These are called EMT trauma shears because EMTs and medical professionals use them to remove clothing from a person before administering first aid quickly.

ERGONOMIC GRIP - For those who deal with emergencies regularly, you can’t have scissors that are painful to hold. These shears are lightweight and easy on the hands. The ergonomic design ensures you can grip them without the hassle and complete the job as quickly as possible. Rest assured, they won’t slip from your hands while cutting.


Cynamed Trauma Bandage Shears – Safety Medical Scissors with Blunt Tip and Serrated Blade – Tough and Durable Stainless Steel – Light and Comfortable Grip – Patient-Friendly (Hot Pink)


EXCELLENT QUALITY - If EMT trauma shears break or parts come loose while you are cutting through material, it can be dangerous to the patient. Quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to medical equipment. Made with fluoride-coated stainless steel, this pair is strong, durable, and long-lasting. Crafted with extraordinary precision, the scissors won’t get rusted or corroded even after continuous use.

HANDY - While nurses, EMTs, doctors, or anyone in the medical profession will have a first aid kit with them, it is imperative to have trauma shears in it. They might be required at any time, so it is best to be proactive. Adventure enthusiasts, military personnel, etc. should also keep medical scissors just in case.

CLEAN CUT - These bandage scissors for nurses have serrated blades that can be used to cut through almost all materials such as clothing, car seats, webbing, tape, and so on. The blades have a smooth pivot, so the action is hassle-free, and you get a clean, crisp cut in a jiffy. In highly tense situations when a person is injured, and you have to quickly cut through layers of clothing, the very first aspect is to remain calm and then carry on with the task. The blunt rounded tip on these safety shears ensures it doesn’t cut skin under any circumstances. The scissors are also called EMT trauma shears since EMTs and medical professionals use them to remove clothing from a person before administering first aid.

STRONG GRIP - If you have to deal with emergencies regularly, you need the best bandage scissors, which are easy to hold and lightweight. Whenever trauma shears have a poor grip, it poses a serious danger to the patient, as the cut won’t be clean. Cynamed’s heavy-duty trauma shears are ergonomically designed so you can grip them in a hassle-free manner (they won’t slip from your hands) and do your job swiftly and efficiently.